DR Congo Mob Kills Two Suspected Militia

A crowd in Eastern DR Congo on Saturday lynched two people they suspected of being members of a militia blamed for the killing of more than 100 civilians over the past month.

According to AFP, the killings came on the same day that the United Nations peacekeeping chief arrived in the region where anti-UN protests had erupted since the militia attacks.

Ammunition were found in the bags of the two people, a man and a woman dressed in civilian clothes, in the town of Beni.

The crowd of several dozen people accused them of being members of the Allied Democratic Forces, a shadowy armed group with links to Ugandan Islamists.

The arrival of UN Under-Secretary-General for Peace Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, in Beni came several days after an angry mob stormed a UN base in the town in protest over a perceived failure of peacekeepers to stop militia violence.

Lacroix will visit the base of the UN mission, known by its French acronym MONUSCO, mobbed by protesters on Monday, and hold talks with the Congolese Army and local authorities, a UN spokesman said.

At least seven people have been killed in clashes during the anti-UN protests this week.

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